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We all started somewhere?

Employment Law New for 2018: Specially devised ‘Employers Bespoke Awareness Handbook‘ for HR/Employers – Outlines and protects  employers and a must for HR Departments – tailored to your Business Strategic Needs for HR guide and quick reference – up-dates yearly.

Workshops & Seminars 2018:

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♦ EU GDPR Data Protection EU Regulations (Short Course for Small Businesses) March 2018 Birmingham/ London TBC

♦ Discrimination in the context of Diversity and Inclusion -Talent and Candidate Selection – London/ Birmingham (TBC)

♦ Talent and Leadership Acquisition – The War on Outsiders. London, Birmingham, Manchester (TBC)

♦ Training and Developmental Career Strategies for Small Business Outlets – Talent Retension (TBC)

♦ HR and Outdated Practices –  Time to do away with Job Specs and Wish Lists  London only (TBC) New for 2018

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